I was born in October 1962.

   I believe the desire to create was born together with me. At the same time as I learned how to hold a spoon, I picked up a pencil and began to draw. I painted on paper, drew with a stick on the sand, drafted with chalk on the sidewalk, but most importantly, I was constantly drawing in my imagination. Since I was a little boy, I’ve had the understanding of beauty. I was always passionate about creation and transferring what I see in my mind into the real world.

   I studied at an Art college, and then at the Art Academy in the south of Ukraine, in Odessa.

   Despite painting I was always curious about crafts and tried myself in wood carving, sculpture making and even in old icon restoration. Fortunately, I have always been surrounded by creative people who kindly shared their knowledge and skills with me.
   From that time, I also remember my first interior design projects. I felt very comfortable in that field, but mostly I enjoyed working with interior design objects. Since then I know that details are very important and even crucial.

It happened in 1999.
A friend of mine asked my opinion on the jewelry design, that he was making.
I suggested my vision and in the end we completely redesigned the ring.
I was really excited to see the result of our painstaking, difficult but fascinating work.
At that moment I very clearly understood that jewelry was exactly the thing I was unconsciously searching for, for so many years.
In the same year I completed a wax model making class and got my first experience in engraving and stone setting.
I remember the feeling of passion when I built my first 3D model in JewelCAD and grew it by myself on one of the first 3D printers from SOLIDSCAPE. That was incredible!
And the feeling of excitement that came with understanding that modern computer technology is coming into the world of jewelry making. I was happy to be one of the first few to work with it. 


   I made my first jewelry pieces just to see how good my designs would be in real life. It was such a great surprise when my friends and colleagues appreciated my jewelry from the very start. They not just expressed their appreciation but also bought almost everything I was producing.
   In 2000, I decided to open a jewelry design studio with the registered brand name HARARUK. A few years later, the brand got to be known as one of the best in Ukraine, and my jewelry received awards from Ukrainian and international competitions.
   Nowadays HARARUK is already known outside of Ukraine and represented in private collections in the USA, Europe, Great Britain, Hong Kong and China.
   Frankly speaking, I’m too far from the notion of a businessman. The process of creating beauty is much more valuable than the material aspect for me. Jewelry art is my passion coming with sunrise and ending with the sunset.

The time that remains after the jewelry art and my beloved family, I share between several of my hobbies. I love to play drums. When I was a student I was a drummer in a rock band and till now we occasionally meet to play music.

Out of the music another hobby was born. During my student years I had no opportunity to buy a good quality drum set. So as a way out I learnt how to make drums on my own and realized drum production to be interesting and very exciting. Now I am in charge of a small production, where the wonderful craftsmen I have assembled produce musical instruments under the STRIKER brand.

And the last of my hobbies is motorbikes. Harley Davidson is another important and bright part of my life.




hararuk art-jewelry

   HARARUK is a high end jewelry brand founded in 2003 in Kiev, Ukraine by designer Viktor Hararuk.
   Today HARARUK jewelry is internationally known for its unique, hard-to-copy daring design, bold color and compositional solutions. Great emphasis on the internal elements of Hararuk jewelry is the brand’s special pride.
   Most of the brand’s collections are made with big accent gems of highest quality such as emeralds, spinels, tourmalines, tsavorites, sapphires which are skillfully combined with small baby pearls, diamonds, engraving elements or decorative recognizable techniques.
   Led by the founder himself, the brand continues to thrive creating new jewelry collections and getting recognition from clients, experts and jewelry connoisseurs around the globe.

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150 1024x1024

Best exclusive jewelry item

a competition of the Association of Jewelers of Ukraine '2018


Best Custom Design

MJSA (the Association of Jewelers of the USA)


First prize in the 3D category

Jeweler Expo
Ukraine '2018


jewelry expo-ua

Best series model

a competition of the Association of Jewelers of Ukraine '2014

jewelry expo-ua_2013

Best exclusive jewelry item

a competition of the Association of Jewelers of Ukraine '2013

jewelry expo-ua_2006

Best big parure design

an international exhibition Jeweler Expo
Ukraine '2006



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