Gold Earrings

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Hararuk Jewelry one-of-a-kind gold earrings iconic collection

Designer jewelry has got plenty to catch your eye. Not only the statement stone pieces but also exquisite detailed elaboration on color, shape and technique. Discover exclusive design and high quality earrings.

18k gold earrings for unforgettable impression

The process of their creation is grounded on endless idea development merging the jewel final shape / form together with the stone color play and emotional appeal. Hararuk Jewelry distinctive feature is Pave technique considered to be one of the most complicated in the world of custom made design. It demands talent, dramatic precious stone vision and the author’s inner approach. To stand out the fashion mongers crowd choose timeless individuality and find your emotion in the unique gold earrings:

– Real gold diamond earrings is a perfect representation of the pure diamond – encrusted jewelry. 14K solid gold and deliberately well-thought design ending with the matching clasp. It is the jewelry where contemporary approach is magnificently combined with some of Rococo epoch inspiration

– Colored gemstone earrings is one of the most complicated, unique and time taking creations. Every stone is exclusive by its nature demanding to send hours to distinguish the color tints and shape. That’s the main reason no copies are available. Wearing them you feel the color dance and energy. Choose them for dramatic look or everyday use to be the one and only

– Transformers jewelry is created for those who is always ready to rock the life. Business look or cocktail party in the evening you change at once. Easily removable parts of the earrings change the form but not their richness and outstanding composition

Decide for the most exclusive jewelry right now

Spinel, opal, sapphire, tourmaline, moonstone – gem earrings evoke the feeling which could be distinguished only by their future owner. Feel free to contact their creator to reveal all the passion out.




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